St.Lucia All-Inclusive Resort Activities: What to Do and See

If you're looking for a beautiful and exotic destination for your next all-inclusive vacation, look no further than all inclusive resorts in st lucia ! This stunning Caribbean island is home to some of the best resorts in the world, as well as plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy during your stay. From hiking and diving to shopping and sightseeing, there's something for everyone in St. Lucia. Read on for our guide to the best things to do and see during your time in this paradise destination!

The top things to do in St Lucia all-inclusive resorts

St. Lucia is an island of adventure, with the perfect balance between exploring nature's beauty and enjoying some time off indoors after all that adventuring has taken its toll on you (or even just a day). St Lucian beaches aren't enough to satisfy your desire for warming sun rays then head into town where there are countless options available - from ziplining through Pitons(Mountains)to hiking around their marked trails or taking horseback tours along volcano-dried valley sides; not forgetting about.

Derek Walcott Square

Derek Walcott Square is a great starting point for taking part in one of the best ways to explore St. Luci—a walking tour! The most famous landmark here, Derek's Square itself—namesake and Nobel Prize winner, has an Italianate clock tower as its centerpiece that will be sure not disappoint. Opposite this structure sit several brightly painted gingerbread colonial buildings with verandahs overhanging the sidewalk making it perfect if you want some picturesque scenery while you're exploring downtown Castries or just looking at what life might have been like back when these were homes rather than museums.

Try Mud Baths at all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia

What better way to heal your skin after a long day of traveling than with some hot springs therapy? Take the tour and visit the caldera, then relax in one or all three pools. The mud is said to make you 10 years younger so enjoy it while scrubbing off that travel dirt!

Rum Tasting and Tour in all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia

This rum tasting tour is an excellent way to explore the many facets of this beautiful island. From learning about its rich history and current production techniques, you will be able to enjoy some delicious drinks that are made just steps away from where they're bottled! You'll see what goes into creating each type (colored or white) then decide which flavor profile best suits your taste buds before taking home enough bottles for yourself as well as friends/family members who happen not have been so lucky at exploring offerings here themselves yet.